Xaric screen shot


Xaric is a UNIX irc client similar to (and forked from) BitchX and ircII. I would impress you with a long list of amazing features, but since it has no impressive features (and lacks a few important ones) that probably is not a good idea. Xaric came into being when a group of irc friends wanted a simpler client with pretty colors.

Bug Reports

Xaric has bugs just like any other program. You can report bugs, request new features, or (even better) send me patches! Just send mail to bugs@xaric.org! or file a github issue

Download The Latest Version

Download the latest version: 0.13.9 (released on 20-Feb-2021).

Older releases can be found here: http://xaric.org/software/xaric/releases/

You can find the repository on GitHub: http://github.com/laeos/xaric